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Bloom: Finding Beauty in the Unexpected: A Memoir

Brett and Kelle Hampton were euphoric with the birth of their second daughter Nella. However, their initial euphoria turns to shock and dismay that their newborn was born with Down syndrome as their first child two years old Lainey was a healthy baby. Once Ms. Hampton moved pass the denial phase to acceptance, she, her spouse and Lainey realized how wonderful Nella is and that they were fortunate that God chose them to raise her. The author of the Enjoying the Small Things blog is her daughter’s champion as she has become an advocate for Downs’ syndrome people. Her optimism is addicting though some of the difficulties of raising a special needs child is glossed over by the upbeat philosophy (try getting a baby-sitter for a night out when your family lives a thousand miles away). With great photos and expanding on entries from her blog and adding much more, Kelle Hampton provides a wonderful from the heart memoir that encourages families to mentally hug the upbeat moments as “Beauty in the Unexpected” can be our inspirational norm.

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